Chery unveils new ecosystem at International User Summit 2023

Chery unveils new ecosystem at International User Summit 2023

Held under the theme ‘New Journey, New Life’, the inaugural Chery International User Summit kicked off at the Chery International Corporation in Wuhu, China. Set to continue until 20th October, the summit hosted leaders of the Chery International Corporation, international media representatives, and Chery users from 40 countries.

With a focus on “co-creation” with its users and global collaboration, Chery welcomed 500 media representatives and users from 40 countries to participate in various activities. Chery presented its vision for a new ecosystem encompassing three pillars: New Ecology, New Technology, and New Future. Engaging activities such as factory tours, media interviews, and test drives, aimed to deepen understanding of Chery’s brand among international users.

The summit highlighted Chery's move towards an intelligent automotive ecosystem, and its focus on car-home interconnection and UAV-car interconnection. The event also featured five major ecological product show areas, exhibiting intelligent glasses, beauty refrigerators, electric skateboards, and more. Attendees had the opportunity to explore these cutting-edge products and how they symbolize Chery's commitment to integrating technology and intelligence into everyday life. The summit also featured a test-driving activity at the Longshan test track in Wuhu, allowing participants to immerse themselves in the powerful performance and advantages of Chery's products.

One of the early Chinese automobile brands to explore the global market, Chery showcased its 26-year history at the event, highlighting its advancements in technological innovation, manufacturing, and user empowerment.