Volvo Bahrain launches its first small premium all-electric SUV EX30 at EV Forum

Volvo Bahrain launches its first small premium all-electric SUV EX30 at EV Forum

Volvo Bahrain unveiled the EX30, the marque’s first small premium SUV and the newest model in its all-electric lineup. The launch was made during the inaugural edition of EV Forum, Bahrain’s first electric vehicle forum, held at the Gulf Hotel and organized by the Bahrain Insurance Association. In attendance were Volvo Regional Business Manager – Middle East, John Duggan; Ebrahim K. Kanoo (EKK) Directors, Waleed Ebrahim Kanoo, Khaled Kanoo, Isa Kanoo, and top management members, as well as several notable figures from regional and international organizations in the automotive industry.

Debuting under the motto ‘Small Yet Mighty’, the EX30 is designed to have the smallest CO2 footprint of any Volvo car to date. The exterior features a long wheelbase, large wheels, equal overhangs, and a digital rendition of the Thor’s Hammer headlights. Scandinavian interior promotes sustainable thinking using recycled and renewable materials such as denim, flax, and wool. Customers can choose from three powertrain options and two different battery types. The new model also contains state-of-the-art restraint technology and robust structural design that meets Volvo’s strict safety requirements.

Volvo Regional Business Manager – Middle East, John Duggan said: “The new all-electric Volvo EX30 is an important enabler for us to facilitate electrification in our markets, including Bahrain. Geographical dimensions and other factors provide a perfect opportunity for fast adoption of electric mobility in the Kingdom and positioning it as a potential regional leader in this field. Sustainability, together with safety and innovation, are at the very core of Volvo DNA, and EX30 combines all these elements and brings them to the next level. We strongly believe that the EX30’s mix of sustainability, safety, and innovation brings a strong value proposition to all our markets and will attract a new audience to the Volvo brand.”

EKK CEO, Mike Brightmore said: "The EX30 is expected to be one of Volvo’s top-selling models over the coming years. It combines the convenience of electric vehicles with SUV performance capabilities and advanced technology and safety features. We believe there will be a strong demand for such a unique offering and are confident it will be a significant addition to Bahrain’s market.”

With an electric range of 476km, the EX30 can go from 0 to 100km/h in 3.6 seconds and charges fully in only 26 minutes. Other features include connectivity through the Volvo app, driver support that includes adaptive cruise with pilot assistance, digital key access, built-in Google services, Harman Kardon premium sound bar, and a 12.3-inch touch screen.