Chery launches Tiggo 9 PHEV at Beijing Auto Show

Chery launches Tiggo 9 PHEV at Beijing Auto Show

Chery, a leading Chinese automotive brand, unveiled the Tiggo 9 PHEV at the 18th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition (Auto China 2024), also known as Beijing Auto Show. Chery also showcased the model’s cutting-edge technologies at the event, which attracted over 3,000 guests from 80 countries and regions.

Positioned as the flagship model of the Chery Tiggo lineup, the Tiggo 9 PHEV adopts a forward-thinking philosophy, combining advanced hybrid capabilities and visionary design in line with carbon neutrality and green ecology initiatives. Featuring a larger size, more robust performance, and enhanced luxury experience to previous models in its family, it propels the Tiggo Series into higher-end markets. It has a 1.5T engine, paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, to deliver an output of 175 kW and a peak torque of 385 Nm. It has a low fuel consumption of 5.2 L/100 km under WLTC, with a combined range of over 1400 kilometers. It comes equipped with 30 safety features.

Chery International BG Chief Executive Officer, Zhu Shaodong reflected on the Tiggo family's 20-year development journey, highlighting how the brand's dedication to refinement and evolution resulted in a diverse SUV product lineup. He said that the Tiggo Series is highly favored by families who prioritize career advancement and their loved ones.

In terms of exterior design, the Tiggo 9 PHEV is built around the ‘CONQUER’ concept, which draws inspiration from the fierceness and strength of a tiger. It utilizes bold lines and proportions to convey a strong sense of power and beauty. Inspired by Saturn's rings, the octagonal grille design serves as both a visual focal point and a symbol of Chery’s brand DNA. The Tornado lines on the body sides are complemented by 20-inch multi-spoke wheels. The interior adopts the ‘GUARD’ concept, creating a cozy, safe, and highly technological private space. This is reflected in the 15.6-inch 2.5K HD screen, multifunctional central control console, and the specially designed 3D stitched seats.

The Tiggo 9 PHEV also signals several breakthroughs in intelligent connectivity for the brand, merging its green principles with advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing. Its forays into smart mobility follow consistent focus on technological research and development, along with product innovation.

Chery was recently ranked as the leading Chinese automotive brand in Bahrain, coming top of a major study ranking new vehicle quality. The China Initial Quality Study (IQS) by J.D. Power named Chery the highest-ranked Chinese domestic brand, with its models earning top marks in the compact sedan and SUV categories, respectively.