Chery showcases innovative ecology initiatives at Eco Exhibition

Chery showcases innovative ecology initiatives at Eco Exhibition

Chery, a leading Chinese automotive brand, showcased its achievements in new energy and ecology at the Eco Exhibition in Wuhu, China. Held under the theme, ‘New Energy, New Eco, New Era’, the event attracted 3,000 guests worldwide, who explored Chery’s offerings through interactive activities and displays.

The Eco Exhibition spotlighted Chery’s accomplishments in technological innovation, low-carbon travel, user experience, and emotional connections, reflecting its core principles of ‘Green, Technology, Family, and Companionship’.

Chery International BG CEO, Zhu Shaodong said: “Chery is committed to integrating low-carbon lifestyles into daily life, from production to consumption. We also launched the Qpower brand last year, covering solutions for mainstream power forms such as fuel, hybrid, electric, and hydrogen energy. And when it comes to family and companionship, the Tiggo series stands out for its close connection with users, acting as a steadfast companion that journeys alongside them. Chery is a trusted partner in users’ lives.”

The exhibition also showcased Chery's concept of ‘automotive ecology’, which presents a new perspective on a fulfilling life; insights into creating a green, intelligent, and interconnected travel ecosystem; Chery's car ecosystem; and initiatives aimed at offering consumers a convenient, comfortable, and environmentally friendly travel experience.