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Proofreading & editing for academics

Let your intelligence shine through

In order to present your academic research in its best light and improve your chances of getting the grade you desire, Spotlight provides proofreading and copy-editing services to ensure that your writing is:

Proof-Reading and Editing For Students


  • Accurate in spelling and grammar.
  • Clear and easy to understand, by ensuring proper sentencing and paragraphing.
  • Properly referenced for citations and the bibliography.

English as a second language

Copy-editing is highly recommended for those with English as a second language. This is because despite your intelligence, academic knowledge and fluency in English; grammatical and cultural differences between your native language and the English language may show through as errors or poor writing convention.

Copy-editing, additional benefits

We ensure that your document is:

  • Articulately written, using compelling words and sentences.
  • Clear and easy to understand, using improved sentencing, layout and bullet points as necessary.
  • Comprehensive, by ensuring that each point you make is substantiated by an argument, citation or quote within your work.
  • Improved upon, by providing a free personalised de-brief by email or telephone, on how to improve your writing style.



"The feedback is excellent and now I feel much more confident about the linguistic quality of my texts."

C Dominguez, Professor of World Literature, Spain.


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